Julie’s Priorities



– Continue working to secure funding for Highway 65 interchanges and expansion and improving safety of Blaine roads by encouraging cooperative and partnered efforts between Blaine, Anoka County, the State, and federal resources.


– Ensuring public safety through support of well funded, well trained, and well organized law enforcement and a fair and just criminal system, as well as expanding fire education and prevention measures. 


– Support both Blaine’s and Anoka County’s initiatives for development and redevelopment through advocacy of local, regional, and national businesses, as well as ensuring the proper infrastructure in which to manage the growth intelligently and safely to encourage expansion while preserving resident’s quality of life. 




– Evaluate County services to ensure that citizens are getting the anticipated and expected level of help and support at the appropriately taxed level including parks, health and human services, libraries, road infrastructure, communication, and emergency services.